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A Unified Theory of energy Travel

Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity suggests that time travel to days gone by is possible via turning wormholes and/or black pockets. The actual technical practicality of actually performing such journeys need not necessarily concern us since this essay is at the realm of thinking experiment.

Now Stephen Hawking says time happen to be the past is extremely hard because he proposes that there are such a thing being a yet undiscovered Chronology Defense Conjecture that prevents this and so makes the world risk-free for historians. I’ve make a unified theory of time travel in to the past that incorporates Einstein’s basic theory of relativity; Hawking’s Chronology Defense Conjecture, along with other different bits like parallel universes which can be thrown into the combine.

Time travel is any staple in sci-fi testimonies, novels, films and TV SET series. And, time travel is achievable – in theory. Everybody knows about journeying to the long run which we do on the rate of one next per second whether we want it or not. Apart coming from that, if one travels at near light speeds relative in your place of origin then you can certainly travel to the distant future (with respect to that place of origins) without aging an equivalent number of years (the twin paradox). Happen to be the past is seemingly allowed too, via the weird physics built in in rotating worm holes and possibly Black Holes which will be where Einstein’s general theory of relativity is needed. The problem there will be that relativity theory anticipates worm holes, if they exist in any way, will exist for nanoseconds and stay very tiny to shoe, and thus not very useful later on for the purposes of energy travel. Because we do not know exactly what the within a Black Hole will be, and where it qualified prospects, if anywhere, current thinking suggests that jumping into Black Holes certainly are a more useful means regarding committing suicide than for planing a trip to the past, but the jury remains out on that a single.

Anyway, the fun bit about time travel is the different paradoxes that arise, one of the most famous one being the particular grandfather paradox. That will be, what if you travel back in time and kill your grandaddy before he sired the father (or mommy). If you did that it means that one could never have been created, but if you have been never born you couldn’t go back in time to kill your ancestor. Here is the sort of stuff sci-fi creators (and philosophers) really like – ditto physicists! The best time travel paradox however could be the one where you acquire something for nothing. Say you might have this edition of “Hamlet”, and you also want Shakespeare to autograph that. So back you will end up in time to Shakespeare’s time. You knock on his / her door, but the housekeeper says he’s out of waking time but if you abandon the book he’ll autograph it and you may come by and acquire it next morning. When Shakespeare returns, he sees the publication, reads it, and is indeed impressed he spends the night making a copy. You keep coming back the next morning, acquire your now autographed model of “Hamlet”, and return for this day with your today very valuable book. The particular question now becomes, where did the first “Hamlet” come from? An individual didn’t write it; but Shakespeare didn’t both as he plagiarized your copy which then he passed it off as his or her own work.

Another favorite will be you meeting yourself. Say you’re 50 rather than all that well away from. You get the outstanding idea to travel back in time and convince your younger self to buy some stocks you know will probably pay off big time down the road down the track. Therefore it comes to pass your younger self so invests, and becomes filthy abundant, only, in leading this kind of high life, dies of a heart attack at the age of 45! Or you always regretted not necessarily proposing to the love you will ever have when you were younger, and thus go again and convince your youthful self to muster the courage and do thus. He does, but while they fly off on their particular honeymoon, the plane crashes without survivors. Sometimes you do not know when you’re well away from.

Or if you can travel back in time, then of course other folks can to. Naturally there’s going to be a lot of people interested in particular activities, maybe even at enough time, seemingly trivial events (but which turn out in the end to have had key impact(s)). And that means you might have any amount of people going back to particular historical things, each with their very own particular agenda (most that will be mutually exclusive), and also ultimately causing havoc. After all if person one extends back and influences an event making a new outcome, then person two might return back and has a move at that result and also things get altered once more, which will then prompt person three to go back and influence things a lot more to his liking, and so forth. In other words, history could not be fixed, rather often be fluid. The world just isn’t safe for historians. Since we believe history (or days gone by) is fixed, then that what’s written on your own history book page today is not going to alter overnight. Thus, you might have probably concluded that moment travel cannot happen, is not going to happen, and has not necessarily happened, however much you yourself might wish to go back in time yourself and also change something. (Don’t most of us really wish some earlier something, personal and unimportant, or perhaps something of major significance could possibly be changed and you’d become that instrument of modify? )#)

Its paradoxes and situations including the above that prompted Stephen Hawking to postulate that there are as yet an undiscovered legislation or principle of physics which prohibits time happen to be the past – this individual calls it his ‘Chronology Projection Conjecture’. Since we’ve never seen, according to be able to Hawking, to the best individuals knowledge at least, any moment travelers – tourists or perhaps historians – from our own future, he’s probably proper.

So, putting it completely, here’s my theory of energy travel: my unified theory of energy travel, at least for the past.

Relativity theory provides passed every experimental analyze thrown at it, and so the theory isn’t in much doubt then one can have a high amount of confidence in what that predicts, even if that prediction is beyond any experimental analyze. Relativity theory allows for time travel in to the past, but, IMHO, simply to parallel universes (otherwise called alternative or mirror or perhaps shadow universes) where no paradoxes can occur.

Why only parallel universes? The ways and means by used relativity theory to moment travel backwards involves turning Black Holes or wormholes. There are serious causes of the speculation that what’s on the reverse side of a Black Gap and/or wormhole is one more universe. So, therefore it really is relativity’s time travel permitting, but probably to one more universe. The Black Hole or perhaps wormhole ‘exit’ isn’t in your Universe.

Whatever you do because parallel universe is fixed. It’s fate. It’s success – all because causality principles. Therefore, there are no unexpected ripple effects apart from what was destined to take place. You were meant being there and do everything you do. Therefore, there will probably be no paradoxes arising.

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking provides proposed his Chronology Defense Conjecture that prohibits time happen to be the past within your own universe due to possible paradoxes that can arise. Why can’t you go back in time in your own galaxy? That would mean that with a specific time and place the two of you were not (at first) and were (because of going back) current. That’s a paradox. And if you were to travel back in time to a set of energy and space coordinates you’re actually originally at, then there would become two copies of an individual occupying the same space concurrently – also a paradox.

Yet take the grandfather paradox. If you go back in time and kill your grandaddy, but your grandfather in the parallel universe, then you never prevent your existence, merely the eventual existence regarding yourself, your other do it yourself, in that parallel galaxy. In the case regarding Shakespeare and “Hamlet”, you gave your copy with a parallel universe Shakespeare. Within your original (our) Galaxy, Shakespeare is still the particular legitimate author.

Once you time travel from the universe A, to parallel galaxy B, you can’t return once more to universe A as a result of Hawking’s Chronology Protection Supposition – paradoxes could come up. However, you could move from parallel universe T to parallel universe Chemical, but, hence never come back to either universe A or perhaps B – Hawking’s Chronology Defense Conjecture again.

Perhaps some individuals you’ve seen or known or found out about might be time travelers from your parallel universe’s future. Should they then time travel to a new parallel universe, then which may account for some absent persons’ cases!

In quick, we can time happen to be other parallel universes however, not to our own; agencies from other parallel universes can easily visit our Universe. Simply no paradoxes need arise. Equally Einstein (relativity) and also Hawking (Chronology Defense Conjecture) are pleased and happy campers.

Will be that right? No, it really is wrong!

There’s still a single very nasty loose conclusion here. What’s to prevent those from your parallel universe meddling and also altering our time supply? It’s not enough so they can have a Prime Directive against that – everybody knows Prime Directives are supposed to be broken! So, it seems like Hawking’s Chronology Protection Conjecture must connect with those visitors from parallel universes to your Universe as well. I mean what difference can it make to your lifestyle whether you travel back in time within your own galaxy and kill your mother prior to deciding to were conceived, or some serial killer escaping from your parallel universe to our own Universe who kills your mother prior to deciding to were conceived – although in the latter case there isn’t any paradox, you still wouldn’t are already conceived of here inside anyone’s philosophy!

OK, so relativity allows time travel back in time, but only to parallel universes. The Hawking Chronology Protection Conjecture not merely prevents time travel paradoxes generally speaking, but it also stops parallel universe time tourists meddling and altering our own timeline; ditto we humans time planing a trip to someone else’s parallel galaxy. But how would the particular Hawking Chronology Protection Conjecture actually attempt? My best guess will be that parallel universes are certainly not in phase – they will aren’t polarized or synchronized in-phase being a laser beam, or the light in which passes through your polarized sun shades – otherwise we’d involve some rather hard evidence of which; certainly way more as compared to we do now.

Thus, if we go to be able to parallel universe B or perhaps those from parallel galaxy B visits us, we are going to, or they’d be respectively out of phase according to the universe they are today in. Translated, they, or perhaps we, could look, however, not touch for all sensible purposes. I say for almost all practical purposes as once in a while what’s out of period (high probability – the usual state of affairs) will sync directly into phase (that’s unusual). But the in-phase times are so quite few, and last for this kind of brief duration that it’s unlikely to bring about any inadvertent or strategic timeline alterations. That’s my rendering with the Hawking Chronology Protection Conjecture – he might have other options in mind.

So another means of putting this is the period travelers would be spectral or ghostlike inside their host universe, and maybe that’s in which our traditions of ghosts as well as other things that go bump inside the night come from! This is a lot like the parallel universe cat or shadow photons which can be conjectured to explain several highly mysterious aspects or phenomena contained inside famous quantum double slit* try things out. Now an obvious question is just how do all the parallel universe ghost photons enter into our physics labs in which double slit experiments are performed? I mean there are usually no local macro African american Hole or wormhole exits present – is there? Yes in fact you can find! Not a macro wormhole, yet a micro wormhole : actually wormholes. Theoretically, micro wormholes should exist all over you. It’s just they are at quantum levels : incredible tiny; way subatomic in proportions. And they exist for nanoseconds before collapsing. They are just area of the quantum foam** reality with super microscopic levels, possible at the level where things exhibit the quantum jitters or perhaps quantum fluctuations. Thus, every second of each day, everywhere, there are usually little quantum gateways : quantum sized wormholes contacts between universes which quantum measured particles – like photons : can traverse! From the standpoint with the double slit experiment, no matter whether the parallel universe’s ghost photons originated in the past, future or present – just provided that they are, indeed, current!

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