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Exactly why Every Travel Writer Needs a Travel Niche

I’m often asked by travel writers to consider their website and help make suggestions. Because of this I’ve discovered plenty of really great travel sites. I always offer useful feedback, however, most of which make a common blunder that keeps them coming from getting any significant level of site traffic, and handful of, if any, comments.

What exactly is this grave mistake in which prevents them from turning into authority sites? As great while they are, as well composed as their content usually is, they lack field of expertise, or more simply, any travel niche. They haven’t any specialty that would set them besides every other travel blog on the market.

There are some vacation writers who do a very good job with their particular travel blogs – they will travel frequently and on a regular basis add fresh travel content with their blog. Their sites are well organized and easy to find their way, and I enjoy studying their travel articles. But let’s be honest here – there are 1000s of travel writers out right now there, many of whom may also be doing just as good work.

So how do you stand right out of the crowd? The answer is easy – choose a vacation niche. Find a specific topic that you will be passionate about (no, “travel” is not certain enough), and give attention to writing about that matter.

A perfect travel niche for you need to be:

Something you love, and also
Something you know a whole lot about, and
Something you might have firsthand experience with
Your travel niche can be quite a specific place or a certain type or method regarding travel. Examples of some travel niches which is why I’ve seen websites which can be very well done contain:

Place – bloggers who write about what’s happening in their hometown, expats who live abroad and reveal their adopted place of residence while they explore it, and travel writers who give attention to writing only about the Spas with the world;
Type – bloggers who reveal solo travel, traveling with small kids or pets, girls destinations, eco-tourism, voluntourism, adventure vacation, and spiritual pilgrimages;
Method – bloggers who reveal backpacking trips, bicycling or perhaps walking tours, river cruise trips, and even some with the worlds best train excursions.
The reason these websites do very well is that they remain dedicated to a small travel niche they can dominate by regularly incorporating new, interesting, valuable, and focused content that niche. By doing in which, it’s far more likely that those people who are searching for information on that topic will see them.

In addition to attracting more readers, when you write over a specialized travel niche matter, you have the possibility to be perceived as a professional in your travel specialized niche. And being an Expert is an excellent thing. People love to be able to quote experts, especially on the net. People love to ask experts for insight. Experts get offered options – frequently paying options – that others aren’t getting.

When Publishers want content over a specific locale, they look first for writers who already know just that particular destination properly. When an Editor or Journalist needs a quote on a certain subject, they look with an expert on that subject matter. Experts get asked to lay on Panel and Advisory Panels, judge competitions, give speeches and toasts or lectures, contribute to be able to new projects, and far more. The fastest way to get an expert is to select a niche you are aware very well and reveal it. Teach others. Discuss your knowledge.

The bottom line is that if you write about all items travel and all places, you might be capable of succeed and earn an income from it, but it will undoubtedly be challenging because there is a lot of competition because market — some excellent competition, too. But in the event you pick a niche, and work to get the go-to person because niche, success will be easier and opportunities should come sooner.

About Trisha Callier
Trisha Miller is the particular Founder and Editor regarding Travel Writers Exchange. She actually is a member of The particular International Food Wine and also Travel Writers Association and also TravelWriters.com, and focuses on teaching travel writers and bloggers how to excel in online media markets. In her spare time Trisha writes about travel and technology.

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